Calming Relaxation Massage

Unwind, relax, restore: Relief

  • Relieve stress
  • Calm the nervous system
  • Encourage mind/body connection
  • Release tension

The "Other" Therapeutic Massage

The "Other" Therapeutic Massage

The Treatment Massage Whose Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep
another gateway to therapy

Are the Following Familiar to You?
  • My neck and shoulders are so tight, I'm getting headaches.
  • I hold all of my tension between my shoulder blades; I can feel the knots and they are painful.
  • My low back feels fatigued and sometimes it spasms.

You, like many other people, need someone to work through the stress balled up in your neck and shoulders or the anxiety that's built up in your lower back.

All Systems Alert Cancelled
time to design a treatment plan ~ together

What a Treatment Plan Might Look Like

First, calm the nervous system and lay the foundation for the rest of the therapy to penetrate and integrate.

Next, gently knock on the tissue's door with a little Swedish (the mother of all massage) to let the muscles know that relief is on the way. 

Then, ask permission to "drop in" to the deeper layers of tissue with the aptly named Deep Tissue technique.

Finally, toss in some myofascial release and/or facilitated stretching to round out the massage.

Healing Perspective's Integrative Massage Technique

Healing Perspective's Integrative Massage Technique

Holistic Integrative Massage
the communication pathway of
body, mind, spirit

Body + Mind + Spirit
When our body, mind, and spirit are all online and working as a team, peace and harmony become tangible.
When the natural flow of communication is disrupted, it shows up as anger, anxiety and discontent, to name a few. Of course, this affects our body, mood, and demeanor. Following is a book that describes how the body becomes a holding tank for all of the "stuff".

The Body Keeps the Score
Book by: Bessel van der Kolk

Peaceful Inner Landscape: Sounds Delightful!
Integrative massage is a holistic approach that empowers you to bring all systems online. Together, we work with the body, mind, and spirit to find the peaceful point and work from there to encourage flow between the different systems.

Self-regulate: Hear Your Voice
The intention of this work is to offer you the framework to recognize when your body or mind is sending ques that indicate the system is becoming asynchronous, before stress takes up camp in your body.

Create a Harmonized Inner Landscape
This specialty technique, gently encourages your body, mind, and spirit to become whole again. Unwind, relax, and restore; be harmonious within to bring your best self to the world.

I will meet you where you are

I will meet you where you are

The Correlation between Mind-Body
the body is an expression of our emotional landscape,
that's clear

I've spent my career as a Montana licensed massage therapist treating many varieties of aches and pain; both physical and emotional.

Being an active observer of our inner landscape is one key to maintaining external and internal harmony.

When tough emotions arise, acknowledge their presence and recognize how they affect your physiologic system.

The uniqueness of a fingerprint is a perfect analogy for how each person perceives a life experience.

I practice being open and curious to hear you, understand you, and empathize with you, based on the chronicle of your life. This is how I tailor our sessions to YOU.
When you teach something, you get to learn it twice
the return on the investment far exceeded
the resources expended

Several years of teaching "Integration" at the local massage school is a cornerstone of the relaxation modalities described here. My heart is full when I think about the how this student/student relationship has helped to define me.

Let's start a conversation
how may I help you find relief from the chaos